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Get Your Medical Marijuana Card in Utah

Medical Marijuana is legal in Utah! Now what? Our team of experts make getting your Utah Medical Card easy, from your first office visit to navigating the Utah Department of Health application and beyond. Taking control of your health starts now.

3 Easy Steps to Getting Your Medical Card

Get Pre-Qualified for Your Utah Medical Marijuana Card Visit

Get Pre-Qualified

Help us get to know you and get pre-qualified for a Medical Marijuana Card recommendation by answering a few questions. It’s quick and confidential.

Meet your Medical Cannabis provider in Utah

Meet Your Provider

Pick a time to come into our clinic to chat with your new, high-ly knowledgeable QMP. Your first visit costs $250 and will take 20-30 minutes.

Apply online for your Utah Medical Cannabis Card

Apply Online

Fill out an application for your Medical Cannabis Card online on the Utah Electronic Verification System. The state charges $15 to issue Medical Cards.

How to Get a Medical Marijuana Card


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What Is Medical Marijuana?

Medical Marijuana in Utah requires a thoughtful approach.

Medical Marijuana, also known as Medical Cannabis, refers to using Cannabis Sativa or Cannabis Indica plants to treat or manage symptoms for a variety of illnesses. THC, CBD, and CBN are three of the active compounds in Medical Marijuana. Because Medical Marijuana is newly legal in Utah, some medical providers may feel hesitant about recommending it for their patients.

We are a team of qualified Medical Marijuana providers in Utah, specializing in personalized education, dosing, and delivery recommendations for this plant-based medicine. If you have questions about obtaining a Medical Marijuana Card in Utah, or would like to see if you qualify, we are here for you.

Is Medical Marijuana Right for Me?

Medical Marijuana has many therapeutic qualities that help with ailments like pain, nausea, inflammation, PTSD, fibromyalgia, and even cancer. Many of our patients prefer cannabis to other treatments because it’s natural, plant-based medicine with fewer negative side effects than other medications.

Do I Qualify for a Medical Marijuana Card in Utah?

Right now, there are 15 qualifying conditions for a Medical Marijuana Card in Utah. The most common condition that we recommend Medical Cannabis for is pain, a very common symptom for many illnesses. Utah law requires that the pain last for longer than two weeks, and that it’s not adequately managed by other treatment attempts. You can also meet the criteria for a Medical Card if you have ALS, MS, PTSD, Epilepsy, persistent nausea, and more. Find out if you qualify by taking our quick Utah Medical Marijuana Card Quiz or to call/text one of our experts.

How Do I Get a Utah Medical Marijuana Card?

If you already know that you qualify for a Medical Card, your first step is to schedule a visit with a qualified medical provider (QMP). Your QMP will ask you questions about your qualifying condition and current marijuana use (if any) to determine your dosage requirements and recommend you for treatment. After you have your letter of recommendation, you will apply for your card through the Utah Department of Health. Don’t worry! We’ll help you navigate their system and you’ll have your card in no time.

Meet Our Team

Our knowledgeable providers fully understand the therapeutic qualities of cannabis and are qualified to prescribe Medical Marijuana in Utah. Patient care is our priority.

  • What Utah Patients Are Saying

    Thanks Dr. Tim, you were very helpful and looking forward to talking with you again in the future. I’m looking forward to a lifestyle change, I’ve done some on my own like going back to work after a very long time, quit smoking, (after a very long time also!) but for quality of life I cannot do it on my own so I very much appreciate your help and guidance!!! Thanks!,

    D.R. (1st time user of medical marijuana)

    1st time medical marijuana patient
  • What Utah Patients Are Saying

    I had consulted with my medical team about using medical cannabis to treat my pain from a spinal injury, but none felt comfortable with or had the knowledge of cannabis as a medicine to write me one.

    I found Tim through a friend who is also a PA and she suggested that I should go talk to him.

    What a difference! Talking with Tim at the Utah Marijuana Clinic first on the phone and then at my appointment, I instantly felt comfortable and more importantly UNDERSTOOD while talking about the past 4 years using cannabis to treat my pain on my own. Tim is extremely knowledgeable about strains, uses, dosage, delivery methods and cannabis as medicine in general.

    After a 30 min appointment going over my condition, medical records, and experience treating my pain with cannabis I was given my written recommendation for Medical Cannabis. I highly recommend Tim and the Utah Marijuana Clinic.

    Anonymous Patient
  • What Utah Patients Are Saying

    For the majority of my adult life, I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression. Without realizing it, I started self-medicating with alcohol. The more I drank, the less anxious I felt, and I thought I had a good system going. But I started isolating myself, choosing to drink at home alone, without any interest in seeing friends or leaving my house. I stopped showing up for work and found myself in a dangerous spiral.

    With the help of friends and family, I came to terms with my drinking problem and started making changes. Tim Pickett spent a great amount of his personal time educating me on the advancements in medical cannabis, and how it could potentially help me. I appreciate the amount of work he has gone through to be an expert in this field. I had no idea how complex cannabis is, how many different varieties and strains there are, and the multitude of conditions it can be helpful in treating. He helped me take baby steps, as I was a little nervous to try cannabis.

    It has now been almost two years since having a drop of alcohol and I am a nicer, more patient person. I have started getting back into hobbies that I had totally lost interest in, have lost weight, and am healthier and happier than I’ve been in ten years. I am so grateful for the help I received from Tim Pickett. He is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about what he does and takes the time to help you feel comfortable with potential treatment options. I will be forever grateful.

    Medical Marijuana Patient
  • What Utah Patients Are Saying

    Tim is great to work with. He’s doing research for me! I’m looking forward to having recommendations for products and doses that are specialized to my health problems.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I get off of my opioids / narcotics by using marijuana?

As healthcare providers, we are committed to helping you meet your wellness goals and manage your symptoms with as few side effects as possible. Every day, we see Medical Marijuana help patients wean off of their narcotics, sleeping pills, and antidepressants. You can do this, and we are here to guide you through this, at times slow, but effective process. Many of our patients remain on some of their original medications, but far fewer than before using Medical Marijuana. Medical Marijuana is a wonderful alternative to opioids and narcotics.

What are the qualifying conditions for obtaining a Utah Medical Marijuana Card?

There are 15 Qualifying Conditions ( 26-61a-104) in the current Utah law that will allow you to keep and use Medical Marijuana:

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