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Patient Guide to Medical Cannabis

A little green to this whole thing? Start here. Our patient guide is full of helpful information, tips, and tricks to get your journey to wellness off on the right foot. Familiarize yourself with common terms, do’s and don’t’s, safety information & more.

Find Your "Just Right" Dose

One of the most important factors of having a positive relationship with cannabis is the dose you take. Too much or too little and you could be quite uncomfortable. Follow along this guide to find your “just right” dose that’s perfect for your lifestyle and your condition.

Shopping Guide for Beginners

Your first trip to a pharmacy can be pretty intimidating. This shopping guide is designed to help those new to Medical Cannabis avoid common mistakes, have a positive experience, and ultimately bring home medicine that will help patients feel better.

Reset Your Tolerance

We designed this easy-to-use guide to help you find all the benefits you’re looking for at the lowest possible dose. By following this reset protocol, you’ll get more of the benefits from cannabis by lowering your tolerance and increasing your sensitivity.

Activation Temps

There is a medical benefit to avoiding a flame to light your cannabis. In addition to less plant material in your lungs, with each temperature, another compound is activated. You may have been burning off some of the good stuff with your lighter this whole time!

Terpene Benefits

Terpenes are all the rage in the cannabis space these days — but what really are they? What do they do? Are they only found in cannabis? This guide illustrates the smell/taste of common terpenes, what they do, and where they can be found in nature.

Safety Information

Cannabis is an intoxicating substance at moderate-to-high doses and should always be treated with caution. As with any treatment or medication, risks and side effects may occur. We’ve listed a few to keep an eye on with some tips to combat them.

Medical Cannabis 101

Our friends at WholesomeCo Cannabis have created a 101 guide to Understanding Medical Cannabis that’s sure to help you start your wholesome journey toward wellness. Learn about cannabinoids, conditions, terpenes & so much more here.

Opioid Guide

Contrary to opioid medication, no one has ever died of cannabis use. In fact, in most cases, cannabis is an exit drug. We’ve created this helpful guide to help patients to taper or stop taking opioids completely with Medical Cannabis.

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