Medical Marijuana Treatment

Marijuana can help patients manage pain & ongoing health issues, like persistent nausea, PTSD, seizure disorders & more, but it's important to work with a Qualified Medical Provider to find a dose that's "just right."
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Simply No Substitute

Personalized education, dosing & delivery recommendations are a key part of having a positive relationship with Medical Cannabis. There is simply no substitute for good medical advice from a caring medical provider.

In Utah, many patients use Medical Marijuana to manage pain. Marijuana can offer needed pain relief & can work well with opioids, allowing people to use fewer narcotic medications. Some patients find they can taper or discontinue narcotic & opioid use entirely with the aid of Medical Cannabis, under the guidance of their provider.
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How Do I Qualify?

There are 15 qualifying conditions (26-61a-104) outlined in current Utah law that allow a patient to possess and use Medical Marijuana under the care of a Qualified Medical Provider (QMP). The three most common are:

Pain lasting longer than 2 weeks
Persistent nausea
PTSD that is being treated or monitored by a licensed mental health provider
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How Long Does It Last?

Concentrates / Vape Cartridges

Concentrates / Vape Cartridges have a quick (5-10 minute) onset & effects can last 1-3 hours. 

Pro-Tip: These are much stronger than raw flower — use caution!

Flower / Vaporizers

Flower / Vaporizer effects come on within a few minute and can last 2-5 hours.

 Pro-Tip: Reach for flower for breakthrough pain, social triggers, or when fast relief is needed.


Edibles can take 60 - 90 minutes to kick in & can offer 6 - 8 hours of relief. 

Pro-Tip: Edibles can vary in potency from serving to serving, so remember: start low & go slow.


Tinctures can take 30 - 60 mins to kick in & offer 3 -5 hours of relief.

Pro-Tip: look for products that list potency & clearly labels how much medicine you’ll get in each dose.


Topicals start to provide relief within minutes & can last up to 6 hours in some cases. 

Pro-Tip: Topicals are great for non-psychoactive relief from pain & inflammation.

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