Utah in the Weeds Podcast

Medical Cannabis expert Tim Pickett, PA-C dives deep into cannabis culture on “Utah in the Weeds." In each episode, Tim chats with Medical Cannabis patients, providers, or others in the cannabis space to keep you informed. Listen & subscribe on your favorite podcast platform.
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Tim Pickett

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Tim Pickett

Tim Pickett, PA-C

Tim Pickett, PA-C is a qualified medical provider in Utah, founder of UtahMarijuana.org and Utah Therapeutic Health Center, an active member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and City Weekly’s #1 Medical Cannabis Doctor of 2021 & 2022. He enjoys educating patients and providers through his podcast, Utah in the Weeds, and video series, Discover Marijuana, as well as writing about Medical Cannabis in order to destigmatize the plant and encourage safe and effective use in Utah.

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