• Dosing / Purchasing Pharmacist Adjustment

    • Inter-practice Protocol. (click for info)
    • The Pharmacist working in the Medical Cannabis Pharmacy is able to increase dosing parameters for any KindlyMD (formerly UTTHC) patient who is:

      • An active Utah Medical Cannabis Patient
      • A patient of a registered QMP employed with KindlyMD
      • Have a current recommendation that allows all delivery forms
      • Is over 21 years of age and not older than 65 years of age
      • Is not pregnant or breastfeeding.
      • In the pharmacist’s opinion, will benefit from an increase in dosage and/or purchasing ability.

      The process of the increase allowance is as follows.

      • Patients currently limited to purchasing 1 oz of cannabis flower or less may be increased to 2 oz Cannabis Flower plus 10,000 mg concentrated THC.
      • Patients currently limited to purchasing 2 oz or more of cannabis flower may be increased to the state maximum for all forms.
      • The pharmacist will put a new recommendation into EVS, noting their name within the Notes section of the recommendation
      • Confirm and Submit this form to KindlyMD so that we may review and enter the information into the Patient's electronic records.

      *For patients who do not meet the above criteria, if the Pharmacist has questions on this protocol, or you feel the safety of the patient would be at risk due to a dosing or cannabis consumption increase, please call KindlyMD at 801-851-5554.

    • Want to know how to enter the new recommendation? (click for info)
    • Instructions on entering new or modifying existing QMP recommendations in EVS. From Amanda at UDOH.

      As Pharmacists, you have the option to access, change, or create a patient recommendation in EVS. You can access this function from the PMP role. This is the preferred method so the recommendation floods through to MJ Freeway instead of having to manually enforce limits from the EVS notes.

      The certification and recommendation are attached to the QMP record so the correct workflow for a PMP is to use the QMP selection in the enhanced inbox to search for the patient.

      You can link through to the certification from this search and gain access to either create or update records in the recommendations tab.

      And there is the +New button!

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