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Bridging the gap between conservative & alternative mental healthcare, our cannabis-affirmative therapists treat mental health disorders & addictions from a place of compassion & inclusion.
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What Is Cannabis-Affirmative Therapy?

Our cannabis-affirmative therapists specialize in mental health conditions, trauma, and addiction. Whether you’re looking to explore cannabis as a treatment option or just find a safe space to heal, we’ve got you.

Is Canna-Therapy Right for Me?

Let’s find out together! Some patients find that dosing cannabis assists in trauma work & recovery after sessions. Our therapists understand the therapeutic benefit of cannabis & guide you in tailoring your treatment.
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Program Features

Individual, family & group therapy sessions
Mental health evaluation, diagnostics & treatment
Symptom management & monitoring
Developing positive thought patterns for improved mental health
Integrated team for decreasing opioid, alcohol & other drug use
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What Utah Patients Say

"It was an extremely comfortable and relaxing environment. All my questions were answered — and there were a lot of them! I feel much safer and more knowledgeable about using cannabis."
Jenecee M.

What Utah Patients Say

"[The employees I met] are all helpful and passionate about what they do. If I would have known it was this fast and easy of a process, I would have done it much sooner."
Jessica S.

What Utah Patients Say

"I am so much more at ease about Medical Cannabis. The staff was so helpful and friendly — it felt like I was with family."
Barbara L.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to use cannabis to participate in the mental health program?

No! Cannabis use is entirely optional. Our therapy services are open to all, whether you use cannabis medically, recreationally, or not at all. 

Would I need an active Med Card to talk about cannabis use in my sessions?

Not necessarily. While we always encourage safe, legal use of Medical Cannabis (and can help to get you a Medical Card at a discounted rate), our therapists are trained to help and educate, not to judge. Whether cannabis is a part of your current medical treatment plan, something you use in your free time, or something you’ve thought about exploring as part of your healing journey, let’s chat about it!

Could incorporating Medical Cannabis into my treatment plan improve my mental health?

While cannabis is not for everyone, many of our patients find that it helps to “soften the edges” when used in conjunction with traditional mental health treatment, in some cases reducing anxiety-related symptoms and improving cognitive performance.

What therapies do our therapists use to create trauma-focused treatment plans?

Our therapists are trained in a variety of therapeutic modalities, in which trauma is the ultimate focus. These include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), cognitive processing therapy (CPT), cognitive therapy (CT), prolonged exposure therapy (PE), brief eclectic psychotherapy (BEP), and narrative exposure therapy (NET). They’re also well versed in ACT, EFT, IFS, mindfulness, and expressive therapies, just to name a few.

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