Discover Marijuana Episode 1: Marijuana for Beginners

The wait is over! You can now catch the first episode of our educational video series, Discover Marijuana with Tim & Blake, brought to you by and Zion Medicinal, on YouTube. We’ve broken it into two parts for your viewing pleasure. Take a look and let us know what you think. Hopefully, you’ll learn a little something while you’re there.

Marijuana for Beginners (Part 1): Finding Your “Just Right” Dose

medical marijuana flowerAfter years of marijuana research, many states in the US have rolled out legalization programs, whether medical or recreational/adult use. In Utah, marijuana was legalized for medicinal use in March 2020, and the beautiful friendship between your hosts, Tim Pickett, a QMP in Utah and founder of, and Blake Smith, Chief Scientific Officer of Zion Medicinal, was born.

Before you jump right into Medical Marijuana treatment, it’s important to understand not only how marijuana works, but also how to use marijuana effectively as medicine. To help you better understand this, Tim will tackle the medicine side, while Blake will break down the science behind marijuana and how it works to treat a variety of ailments. Without the proper dosage and treatment plan from a provider, a new patient could encounter negative marijuana effects, like feeling disoriented, anxious, or “too high.” Many providers will give their patients a CBD dosage to combat some of the undesirable side effects, as CBD can act as a buffer to some of the psychoactivity that comes with its THC counterpart.

Marijuana for Beginners (Part 2): Finding Your “Just Right” Dose

Tim and Blake are back again to help you become canna-experts. In Utah, marijuana legalization is very new, and since March 2020, patients have been left tim pickett and blake smith, utah marijuana expertswondering what this means for them, how it’ll make them feel, and if it’ll work for their condition. Let us help you answer those questions.

Tim recommends Medical Marijuana to patients every day in his clinic, Utah Therapeutic Health Center, and spends a great deal of time in appointments with his patients making sure that they understand marijuana side effects and Utah laws, and helps them to get an appropriate marijuana dosage for their condition. Many people who come to Tim aren’t even sure how to use marijuana and have no idea where to start. By taking the time to explain marijuana for beginners, Tim ensures that each patient leaves his office confident and finally able to take their health into their own hands.

Blake, on the other hand, as Chief Scientific Officer of Zion Medicinal, will dive deep into the science behind marijuana effects. Blake has dedicated much of his life to researching the cannabis plant — and it shows! In addition to explaining the importance of appropriate THC dosage for patients that are new to cannabis, Blake will explain why many patients also need a certain CBD dosage for the best results.

Stay Tuned

Feeling like a canna-wiz, yet? If not, don’t worry. We’ve got so much more to share with you. Subscribe to the Discover Marijuana YouTube channel to catch the entire series and never miss an episode, and keep an eye out for a free webinar mid-December, where Tim & Blake will answer all your questions in real-time. Comment below with a few topics you’d like to know more about, and you may just find your answer in one of our upcoming episodes. Thanks for watching!

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Published November 25, 2020

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