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Let’s Uplift Our Community Together

We believe no patient should be left suffering simply due to low income. That’s why we launched the Uplift program—to help provide access to those who can’t afford vital cannabis treatment on their own.
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Community Donations

The Uplift program is made possible by donations from the community. Thanks to donation match pledges from KindlyMD and our co-sponsors WholecomeCo Cannabis, Deseret Wellness, The Flower Shop, Bloc Pharmacy, and Zion Medicinal, every dollar you donate is magnified by 7x. That means it only takes $36 in donations to help someone in poverty get their first Medical Cannabis Card and gain access to life-changing medicine.

View donation terms & conditions here.
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Reduce Your Medical Cannabis Costs

Uplift can currently support patients who earn less than 138% of the federal poverty threshold or have terminal medical conditions. In order to receive an Uplift clinic subsidy, a prospective patient MUST:

Be 21 years of age or older,
Have a qualifying condition according to the Utah Medical Cannabis Act,
Have medical records indicating terminal condition (i.e., a diagnosed life expectancy of less than six months), OR
Currently qualify for Medicaid and have an active Medicaid ID.
If you qualify for Medicaid but do not have an active account, you can apply through the Department of Health. Once you are approved, come on back and apply so we can help you get your Medical Cannabis Card!

We hope to expand the requirements for Uplift in the future to include more prospective Medical Cannabis patients who need financial assistance. If you don’t meet the current qualifications, you can also reduce your Medical Cannabis costs with this guide to help you lower your tolerance to THC.

Applications for Uplift Are Now Open

The Uplift application takes about 5–10 minutes. We’ll ask you to answer a few medical questions, to provide documentation of your Medicaid coverage or terminal illness, and to determine the amount you can currently contribute to your Medical Cannabis Evaluation, if any.

It may take us up to 2 weeks to review your application. If you meet the qualifications, you will be approved for a subsidized clinic visit. This does not guarantee that your QMP will approve you for a Med Card. Patients’ appointments will be scheduled in the order they apply, as long as funds allow.

Due to overwhelming demand for affordable canna-care in Utah, new qualified applicants to Uplift can expect to be scheduled within 8-12 weeks from the date they submit their application. We can’t wait to help you feel better!
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