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Published February 4, 2021

This has been quite a year for Utah, hasn’t it? Who would have thought that we’d ever approve cannabis use here, medical or otherwise? And now here we are, almost one year later. Business is booming, product selection is expanding, and arguably best of all — cannabis home delivery has arrived! No more braving the snow for your medication. No more driving to the pharmacy when you’re in so much pain you can’t see. Thanks to WholesomeCo Cannabis, your medicine can now come to you. My experience with home delivery was quick, simple, and convenient. I bet yours will be, too.

Free delivery for all!

Okay, so full disclosure: the delivery fee is $15. This can feel a bit extreme for those of us that are avid users of Amazon Prime (and not so extreme for those of us that have been relying on DoorDash all pandemic). Lucky for us, WholesomeCo has got us covered. All members of the mailing list received an email with a promo code for FREE cannabis home delivery on your first order. That means you can pick out your medicine online from the comfort of your couch and have it delivered to you for the same price as it would cost you to head down to Bountiful. You can’t beat a deal like that! Try it for yourself with code UTHFIRST. (Edit: this promotion has now expired, but keep an eye on emails for future deals. Oh yeah, one more thing: WholesomeCo has since eliminated their delivery fee entirely. That’s right, free delivery! Every single time. To find out more about home delivery, view their delivery guide.)

How do you place an order?

Living in Salt Lake County, I lucked out and could place my order a few days after the home delivery program launched. (WholesomeCo plans to unlock the entire state by June 2021.) I’ve used WholesomeCo’s pickup option in the past, so I’m already a registered patient with them online. You’ve got to register before you can place an order. Once you’re registered, you can browse their menu and pick out your medicine, connect your Hypur account, select a time you’d like it to be delivered, enter your $15 off promo code, and you’re off to the races. I can’t stress enough how easy it all is. (Edit: As of August 2021, WholesomeCo can now accept debit cards for delivery orders. Score!)

Nothing is easier than cannabis home delivery.

When your delivery person is on the way, you’ll receive a text. Because we are dealing with an illicit substance here, it’s absolutely mandatory that you are the person to accept your delivery, so you’ll want to make sure you’re home. Minutes later, you’ll see a familiar face at your door — a member of their security team that always greets you so warmly when you walk into WholesomeCo. Huge shoutout to Trey. Trey, if you’re reading this: you’re awesome and every Utah patient appreciates the work you do for us every day.

After showing Trey my ID and gushing about how freaking cool it was that I just had cannabis delivered to my house legally, he handed me my medicine and was on to the next delivery. The whole process took less than one minute out of my day. Say it with me this time: it’s so easy!

How will home delivery help Utah patients?

Medical Cannabis home delivery is a HUGE step forward for Utah patients, especially now. We’re almost a year deep into a global pandemic and any instance where you can avoid going out in public is a win these days. A bit of an anxious hypochondriac myself, I’ll admit I let out a huge sigh of relief knowing that if I happened to get COVID —since I don’t have a caregiver to get my medicine for me — I don’t have to go without cannabis or put others at risk by going into the pharmacy.

Of course, it goes without saying that severely ill patients will also benefit from home delivery. If it’s hard for you to get around, if the pharmacy is too far away, or if you need a ride — all of those hiccups are solved by home delivery. And of course, this is a huge win for those Utah patients who live miles and miles away from a pharmacy. (Southern Utah still hasn’t gotten their Medical Cannabis pharmacies.) Once home delivery opens up to the whole state this summer, our friends down South can start enjoying the benefits of this program, too. (Edit: Since the publication of this article, WholesomeCo has expanded its delivery service to the entire state of Utah.)

Take advantage of Utah’s Medical Cannabis home delivery program.

Trust me, it’s worth your time.  You’ll need to be a cardholding patient to participate in the home delivery program, so if you need assistance getting your card, we’d love to help. Schedule online or call us at 801.851.5554 to reserve your new patient appointment and join the program, or check out our letter-to-card program for assistance converting that expired recommendation letter and getting legal again. Visit our blog for more helpful tips with anything from how to find your “just right” dose to talking to your kids about cannabis.

Are you going to try home delivery? Comment below with your experience. Happy medicating!

By Courtney Watson
Marketing Coordinator at

5 responses to “Medical Cannabis Home Delivery Is Here and It Rules.”

    • Hey there Celeste. It sounds like delivery would be super helpful for you! Unfortunately, because this is WholesomeCo’s program, we aren’t able to decide if cash can be taken on delivery. I would reach out to WholesomeCo directly and explain your situation to see what they can do for you. You can reach them at 801.695.4480 or email them at Hope this helps!

  1. Why do they need bank account info.? Why not charge it to debit card? I just wouldn’t feel comfortable giving out my bank info. That’s why I have a card! Game ender for me.

    • Hey there! Because cannabis is not federally legal, most banks and card companies will block, deny, and shut down accounts if it’s noticed that they are using it to make cannabis purchases. By using an app like Hypur, similar to Venmo, your purchases are secure and confidential. It also eliminates the need for cash exchanges upon delivery. As of now, there is not an option to pay cash for your delivery, but keep an eye on WholesomeCo for any new developments!

  2. I’ve had a terrible time connecting my MACU bank account to Hypur. Hypur customer service has been unable to address the issue. So, it’s not as easy as it seems. This is not just a ‘me’ issue, as there are multiple reviews in the App Store mentioning the same issue, but with different banks. I feel for the people in areas that don’t have a choice in bank accounts and have no way to get their medication delivered to them because using Hypur is required. Hypur is a terrible service.

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