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Has Medical Cannabis Made the Bedroom Better?

Does cannabis help in the bedroom? Learn how Medical Marijuana can lead to sleeping better, enjoying better sex, or both.

Athletes Are Beginning to Look to Cannabis Too

Why are more athletes looking to medical cannabis? Learn how medical cannabis can help athletes stay healthy and on top of their game.

Why CBDA Could Be the Next Big Pain-Fighting Cannabinoid

Use Medical Marijuana for pain management? CBDA is alternative to THC and CBD for treating chronic pain. Learn how CBDA can help your pain.

Thank Goodness We Can Treat Pain with Cannabis

Learn why a real Medical Marijuana patient in the UK decided to treat her pain with cannabis. Get your Medical Marijuana Card today!

Do You Know How to Recycle Vaporized Cannabis Buds?

Do You Know How to Recycle Vaporized Cannabis Buds? Learn how to get the most life out of your Medical Cannabis vape flower as possible.

Does CBG Have a Place at the Medical Cannabis Table?

We do not hear a whole lot about cannabigerol (CBG) these days. When it is talked about, discussions...

Do You Know the Difference Between Acute and Chronic Pain?

Do you know the difference between acute and chronic pain? Learn how they are distinguished under Utah Medical Cannabis law.

What Is Cloning and Does It Produce Better Cannabis?

Does cloning produce better Medical Cannabis? Read how cloning is changing how we grow medical cannabis and its effect on the plant.

Decarboxylation: What Makes Cannabis Effective as a Medicine

People tend to talk about Medical Cannabis in a very general sense. In other words, they discuss cannabis as though it is, in and of itself, a medicinal product. It is not. Cannabis is a plant.

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