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It’s finally here! Utah is opening the registration process for Utah medical marijuana card patients on Sunday, March 1st. Here is everything you need to know.

Online Application Process March 1st

First, patients must have a recommendation letter from a qualified medical provider in Utah. These are PAs, NPs, and physicians who are registered with the Department of Health.


Once a patient has this recommendation, starting on Sunday, March 1st, at 9:00 am, patients may go online to the Department of Health Website and register through the EVS (Electronic Verification System).

That process includes registering for an account and filling out personal information on the patient and their health condition. There will also be information for guardians who will need to register for patients under 21, or unable to care for themselves. These patients will also need a companion or guardian card.

Patients will pay $15 to the Utah Department of Health for the card to be processed.

Medical Provider Finishes the Application Online

A Qualified Medical Provider (QMP) will then go online and complete the recommendation and certification for the medical marijuana card to be approved. During this phase of the process, QMPs may recommend dosing guidelines in the patient’s chart in order to allow patients to purchase a 30-day supply of medical marijuana for their condition.

If the medical provider does not list dosing guidelines for the patient’s condition, the patient will need to meet with a pharmacist or state-employed physician to again review the medical records and condition and receive dosing guidelines.

Patients with UtahMarijuana.Clinic, or Tim Pickett, PA-C will have dosing guidelines listed in the state EVS system and will be able to bypass meeting separately with a pharmacist.

Get Your Medical Marijuana Card by Email

Patients will receive the card in digital form, by email. It may take up to 15 days to review and issue a Utah Medical Marijuana Card after receiving the completed application. For patients without an email address, they will need to contact the Utah DOH directly for instructions, the card will be mailed.

Patients who are under 21 or unable to care for themselves, who require guardian cards or Utah Compassionate Use Board approval will get their cards within 90 days (3 months), depending on the Compassionate Use Board. Please speak with your medical provider about this process.

Bring Card and ID to the Pharmacy

Bring the card photo on a phone, or a printed version, and a valid ID with you to the Utah medical marijuana pharmacy (dispensary) on or after March 2nd to purchase medical marijuana in Utah. There will be two dispensaries open in March, and 6 more by June 2020. The rest of the 14 dispensaries won’t open until late 2020, as the patient population grows. Find a list of Utah dispensaries and their locations here.


  1. Find a Qualified Medical Provider to issue a recommendation for the qualifying condition
  2. After meeting with a QMP, go online to the Utah Department of Health Medical Marijuana page and register for an account. Pay $15 for the application and card.
  3. The QMP will then complete the application and may or may not issue dosing guidelines.
  4. If you have dosing guidelines, such as those from Tim Pickett, or UtahMarijuana.Clinic, you may take your card photo along with a valid Utah ID to the dispensary (pharmacy) and purchase up to 30 days of medical marijuana in Utah.
  5. If you do not have dosing guidelines, meet with a pharmacist at the dispensary, go through your medical record, and have them recommend dosing and products to purchase.

23 responses to “4 Steps to Register for a Utah Medical Marijuana Card”

  1. I have done all I’m supposed to do paid my 15 dollars and now it says my Dr needs to put in her info but when we do it it kicks us out saying my application is unfinished. My Dr said it shouldnt’ve let it go that far. But we redid all my info and it’s all correct. I just don’t know what to do now. Please help. Thx

    • Hey Dee! It sounds like you’re experiencing a glitch with the EVS website. I’d give them a call at 801.538.6504 to see what the issue is!

  2. Congrats Utah! But beware of some of the marijuana pitfalls Canada has done. High costs and barrier to entry have kept the black market thriving. Superior products as well since the supply chain has failed.

    • Thanks, Grant! We’re working hard to have Medical Cannabis program to benefit the patients in need as a first priority.

  3. I have filled out the form to get my card but cannot list my QMP anywhere. He is telling me he needs to be listed in order to put in the recommendation. Where would I put the QMP information on the application so that he can make his recommendation?

    • Hey there! The EVS application changed back in August and it sounds like your QMP hasn’t quite heard about this change yet. There is no longer a place to list your QMP as a patient, but as long as your QMP enters your certification and your name, date of birth, and the last 4 of your social match up exactly, he will be able to certify you. If you’d like to pass him along this link, I believe it would help: If he needs additional help, we are looking to educate every QMP in the state on certification and would be happy to speak with him. He or you can call us at 801.851.5554.

  4. I have my letter of recommendation from my doctor and have been working off of that at ‘Dragonfly’. I would like to get my card but my doctor has cancer and is closing his practice. I was originally registered on the states web sight but cannot find a doctor to help me yet with obtaining a canabis card. What do I do so I have the freedom I need to go to dispensaries other than the one
    I’m tied to because of my letter. Can you help this veteran who is tired of waking up in severe pain every day without relief?

    • We are more than happy to take you on as a patient and get you your card. Give our office a call at 801-851-5554 and we can discuss options to establish your care in the place of your current provider. Hope to hear from you soon!

  5. Hello,

    I have been in the “Awaiting Certification” stage for about 5 days now. I have checked the “Patient Certification” tab, and my QMP still doesn’t have a certification number. Does this mean he hasn’t put the recommendation in yet?

      • Reach out to your QMP! This means that they have not certified you or added in a recommendation, which needs to be done before you can move forward.

    • Yes, Mallory, this is exactly what this means. I would reach out to your QMP and see what the hold up us! Once they certify you and add the recommendation, you’ll be good to go.

      • Thank you!

        I do have another question. Can we laminate our cards? Or can we just show the dispensary on our phones?

        • You are welcome to do whatever you would like with your card! The dispensaries will accept just flashing your phone at them each time, but if you’d rather a physical copy, you can print and laminate no problem.

          • Hey there! While we are not directly affiliated with the UDOH Medical Cannabis Department, we can sure help with this process. You’ll want to call the state at 801-538-6504 for help paying for your medical cannabis card. I believe my team left you a voicemail this morning with some more information about this as well. If you need help, you can always call us as well at 801-851-5554 and we are happy to help you navigate.

  6. I have filled out everything, and it says awaiting certificate and it won’t let me pay
    . so now what do I do? Help

    • Betty, go ahead and give us a call on Monday morning and we can help you get through the next steps. You’re stuck at a very common spot.

  7. I have successfully registered through the Utah Sate EVS.
    I have seen a Doctor, MD, and I have a letter of recommendation from my Doctor.
    My Doctor is NOT in the “QMP” List. I could not, therefore, designate a QMP.

    The online document reports ” Status :: Awaiting Certification ”
    NOW WHAT ???

    This system is sorely lacking, TO PUT IT MILDLY.

    • Hey there. In order to get your card, what you have found is absolutely correct: this is not possible without a provider qualified to prescribe medical marijuana. If the provider you have seen has not yet been qualified, we would be happy to take you on as a patient and get you certified on that site. Give us a call at 801-851-5554 or schedule online at

      • I am his patient now and he is qualified. I have a letter that acts as a card until I get the official hard copy card. Does that make sense?

        • This totally makes sense! However, for him to be really qualified to give letters of recommendation for cannabis use to his patients, he needs to register on the state website. If he had done this already, he would show on that dropdown QMP menu on the site. It does make me worry that if he is not properly affiliated with the UDOH Medical Cannabis Department, the letter he gave you would not protect you legally in any way. If you still do not see him on the dropdown QMP menu on EVS, please direct him to for information on how to finalize this process so that he may issue cards to his patients. Your letter will only be accepted at the pharmacies and legally valid until January 1, 2021, so the sooner the better! If you need more information, call our office at 801-851-5554 and we can explain this further.

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