Yes, Professional Cannabis Certification Is a Thing

Yes, Professional Cannabis Certification Is a Thing

Have you ever wondered what it takes to get a job in the Medical Cannabis industry? Here in Utah, we have four basic categories of jobs: cultivation, processing, testing, and retail sales. Some jobs require extensive education, training, and even cannabis certification, such as to be a Pharmacy Medical Provider (PMP). However, most do not have such stringent requirements.

Certification? Yes, indeed. Believe it or not, professional cannabis certification is a thing. Schools and training programs are popping up all over the country in an effort to help more people launch their careers in cannabis. The Cannabis Training University is just one example. They offer a 12-week online training course they refer to as the Master of Cannabis Certification Program.

When Patients Become Professionals

Here at, one of the many resources we offer Medical Cannabis patients is our Utah in the Weeds podcast. It is not uncommon for us to interview cannabis professionals who were patients before getting into the industry. We have heard from plenty of patients who were so overwhelmed by the difference Medical Cannabis made that they decided they wanted to get involved in helping others.

There weren’t many recognized training and certification programs when the push for legal Medical Cannabis began more than 25 years ago. Even today, the number of certification programs is scant compared to other industries, like healthcare and IT. But as the cannabis industry grows, the demand for certification and training seems to be growing along with it.

Training Programs Will Vary

It goes without saying that training programs will vary from one organization to the next. The things a student might learn will depend on the type of career they want to pursue. For instance, a career in cultivation would dictate training with a heavy emphasis on agriculture, botanical science, and so forth.

In the processing sector, training could include everything from proper extraction methods to creating cannabinoid and terpene profiles. These days, cannabis processing is a more scientific endeavor thanks to the ongoing pursuit of better and more effective products.

Training As a Pharmacy Technician

Even pharmacy technicians can now be certified. A pharmacy tech is someone who works in a Medical Cannabis pharmacy to dispense medications and answer product questions. Pharmacy techs work in concert with PMPs to ensure that patients get the right medicines for their particular needs.

Certification isn’t necessarily required to get a job at a Utah Medical Cannabis pharmacy. Obviously, hiring requirements vary. But the one thing we do know is that the industry continues to grow with each passing quarter. There are jobs out there in nearly every sector of Medical Cannabis.

Nowhere to Go But Up

The way we see it, the Medical Cannabis industry has nowhere to go but up. Things continue to happen here in Utah and the rest of the country, things that paint a very bright future for Medical Cannabis. With that being the case, we expect that even more jobs will be created as time goes by.

If Medical Cannabis is something you are passionate about, and you’re looking to embark on a new career, think about getting into the industry. Cannabis is still considered an emerging industry, so there are bound to be plenty of opportunities from the time you get in until the day you’re ready to retire.

Professional training and certification programs are there to help you get started. And even after you land that first job, you cannot go wrong by earning additional certifications. The more training you have under your belt, the further you can go in an industry that seems to have few limits right now.

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Published August 15, 2023

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