What Forms of ID Can I Use to Get My Medical Cannabis Card

Utah Marijuana works to educate patients about Medical Cannabis and help them obtain their Medical Cannabis Cards. As part of our educational efforts, we remind patients that applying for a card requires a valid, government-issued ID. If you cannot prove your identity, you cannot get a card.

The state recommends four options on their Medical Cannabis website: a state identification card, a state driver’s license, a U.S. passport, or a U.S. passport card. Most of the patients we work with have driver’s licenses, so the ID requirement isn’t a big deal. If you don’t have a driver’s license and can’t get one, we recommend getting a state ID card.

Getting an ID Card

The first thing to know is that you cannot possess both a driver’s license and a state ID card. It is one or the other. If you want to get an ID card, you have to visit a state driver’s license office. They will take your photo and verify your identity with something like your birth certificate. You will also need to take your Social Security card and two documents proving state residency to your appointment.

It is a smart idea to download the ID application so you can complete it prior to your visit. The time you spend in the driver’s license office shouldn’t be long if all your documentation is in order. Also note that there is a $23 fee to get your State ID card.

ID cards have to be renewed just like driver’s licenses. Any state resident 16 years old or older can get a card. Even non-citizens can get ID cards valid for the duration of their stays, as long as they are in the country legally. As far as driver’s licenses are concerned, we won’t get into those here. Getting a driver’s license is an entirely different process.

U.S. Passports and Passport Cards

When most people think of a U.S. passport, they think of a small book they carry with them whenever they travel overseas. At each new destination, the book is stamped to verify the individual has traveled in that country. However, there is another type of passport document known as the passport card.

A passport card is not a book. It is a small, plastic card about the same size as a credit card. It’s cheaper to get and more convenient to use. However, it has its drawbacks. You can only travel to Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, and Bermuda with a passport card.

For our purposes, both are considered suitable identification for obtaining a Medical Cannabis Card. Possessing a valid passport or passport card would allow you submit your application without the need for a state driver’s license or ID card. We are guessing that most people with valid passports and passport cards also have driver’s licenses. Still, we figured we would pass along the information just so you would have it.

Not a Hard Process

Despite the ID requirements, getting your Medical Cannabis Card doesn’t involve a hard process. It’s actually pretty straightforward. You start by going to the state’s Medical Cannabis website and filling out the initial part of the application. Then you make an appointment to see a QMP.

If your QMP recommends Medical Cannabis for your qualifying condition, they will complete the provider portion of the application. You will then go back online to finish your portion and submit the application along with your payment. That’s it. Then you just wait for your card to arrive via email. You can carry it on your phone or print it if you like.

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Published November 2, 2021

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