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Microdosing THC: The Marijuana Dosing Curve | Discover Marijuana

Medical cannabis treatment plans vary from patient to patient, but they all share the goals of alleviating symptoms and improving the quality of life.

Microdosing THC plays an important role in finding the minimum effective dose and maintaining therapeutic levels of THC throughout the day.

In this video, Utah Therapeutic Health Center’s Tim Pickett, PA-C introduces you to the Marijuana Dosing Curve and three key points along that curve. You’ll learn about the “low dose” or “microdose,” the “sweet spot” or “just right dose,” and the “maximum dose.”

We covered microdosing in depth here:

For detailed instructions on finding the ideal THC dose for your condition, visit:

For more information on getting a Utah Medical Marijuana card or Utah marijuana laws, visit

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Published September 1, 2021
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