3 Great Reasons to Track Your Cannabis Use

Did you know that the state offers a free patient tracking journal to Medical Marijuana users? And what’s more, you can download it directly from the state’s Medical Cannabis website. It’s a PDF document you can save and reproduce as often as you like. It’s also pretty simple to use.

The document gives you space to write in the date, the product you’ve used, your dosage, and the method of delivery. There is also space to document how you are feeling before and after use. Finally, there is space to enter any side effects that you might have experienced.

Keeping track of your Medical Cannabis use might seem completely unnecessary. If so, we would like you to reconsider. There are three excellent reasons to keep track of what you’re doing.

1. Track What Works and What Doesn’t

At the top of the list is tracking what works as opposed to what doesn’t. If you’ve been to a Medical Cannabis dispensary, you know there are tons of products to choose from. Dispensaries have different strains and varieties of Medical Cannabis to choose from, as well as different delivery methods. You can go with ingestibles, topicals, vaping products, etc.

The thing is, many patients use more than one product. They find that a particular strain works very well for some symptoms while another strain relieves others. Patients prefer one delivery method or another depending on how they feel that day. Keeping track of it all is the best way to figure out what works for you. There’s no point in spending money on product that doesn’t work.

2. Help Your Pharmacist Understand Your Needs

Your Medical Cannabis pharmacist is here to help you get the most out of the product you buy. They want you to have fewer seizures. They want you to experience as little pain as possible. But in order to do that, they need to know how different products affect you. Keeping track in a journal helps to provide your pharmacist with valuable information.

Medical Cannabis pharmacists fully understand cannabis and the endocannabinoid system. But they don’t know how a particular product affects you if you don’t tell them. One of the best ways to keep your pharmacist informed is to keep records. Then you don’t have to try to remember — just bring your journal with you every time you visit the dispensary.

3. Create a Cannabis ‘Shopping List’

Topping it all off is the practice of using your records as a shopping list of sorts. Assuming you use more than one product, you want to make sure you have enough on hand at all times. When you visit the dispensary, you want to be able to pick up whatever you need until the next visit. Your journal can help.

How does it work? Start with a base amount of your favorite products. You will already be keeping track of how much you use by filling out your journal. Then just take the journal with you to the dispensary. If your journal shows you used so many grams of a particular product, buy that much during your visit. Simple!

Remember that the state’s patient-tracking journal is a PDF document. You print it out so there are no worries of providing information to the state. You are merely keeping track of your Medical Cannabis usage to better understand what works for you, to help your pharmacist better understand, and to make it easier for you keep enough product on hand.

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By UtahMarijuana.org
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Published May 10, 2021

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