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Utah in the Weeds Episode #41 – What You Can Expect with Utah Medical Cannabis in 2021

This week, we sit down with Utah Department of Health's (UDOH) Katie Barber to discuss all things policy side of Medical Cannabis. Get to know what UDOH is thinking directly from the source!

Utah in the Weeds Episode #40 – Utah Medical Cannabis Patient Valerie Blaylock

For the first podcast of 2021, we welcome Medical Cannabis patient and patient navigator, Valerie Blaylock. Learn how to get the most from your Medical Marijuana and your vaping devices.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #39 – Final Episode of 2020: A Recap of the Year

In the final episode of 2020, Chris and Tim review the year. Listen as they discuss their favorite Utah in the Weeds episodes, and what plans they have for 2021!

Utah in the Weeds Episode #38 – Josh Fitzgerald is a Pharmacist at Deseret Wellness

We record today's episode at Deseret Wellness with Head Pharmacist, Josh Fitzgerald. We talk about why he became a cannabis pharmacist as well as what his position truly entails.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #37 – What’s Going On with Utah Cannabis with Desiree Hennessy

We are excited to welcome back Desiree Hennessey, Executive director of Utah Patients Coalition, to discuss proposed bills regarding Medical Cannabis in Utah's upcoming legislative session.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #36 – Loni and Paul from the Buddy Jane Social Media App

Loni and Paul, creators of the marijuana-centric social media app, Buddy Jane, discuss how they are bringing together the global cannabis community— on the Utah in the Weeds Podcast.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #35 – Kenyon Snow, Medical Marijuana for Ulcerative Colitis

Kenyon Snow shares his struggle with severe ulcerative colitis and how Medical Marijuana made a greater impact on his life than traditional prescription drugs— on the Utah in the Weeds Podcast.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #34 – Shawn Hammond from Zion Cultivars

Welcome to Zion Cultivars’ Payson, UT facility where Shawn Hammond shares his cultivation philosophy, flower favorites, and what’s in store for both company brands— on the Utah in the Weeds Podcast.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #33 – Dawn Emery from Utah Cannabis Advocates

Attorney Dawn Emery of Utah Cannabis Advocates shares legal answers for medical marijuana patients and opinions on topics surrounding pot legalization— on the Utah in the Weeds Podcast.

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