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Utah in the Weeds Episode #62 – Tyler Beuerlein from Hypur

Payment is essential to Medical Marijuana. Tyler Beuerleirn from Hypur joins us to share how they're making medical marijuana payment easier.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #61 – Making Your Own Edibles & Tinctures with Krissie Holifield

Episode 61 welcomes the wife of co-host Chris Holifield, Krissie, to share her story and how she makes her own edibles and tinctures at home.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #60 – Live at WB’s in Ogden, Utah

Join us live at WB's eatery in Ogden, Utah. We talk with Vivi Wanderley-Britt, Cole Fullmer, Marley Colt and other cannabis experts.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #59 – Using Cannabis to Improve Your Athletic Performance

Toby Larson joins us on this week's podcast to discuss cannabis as a tool for improved athletic performance, stamina, and recovery.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #58 – Sunny Days Home Delivery for Medical Cannabis

We welcome Jeff Hedges from Sunny Days Medical Cannabis Delivery to talk about what delivery looks like for Utah's Medical Marijuana program.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #57 – Utah Medical Cannabis Patient Maddie Morrison

Medical Marijuana Patient and Deseret Wellness employee Maddie Morrison joins us to discuss her journey and marijuana patient best practices.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #56 – Beverly Astin, Owner of Jilu Premium

Beverly Astin of Jilu Premium and Life Elevated Processing joins us this week to discuss her medical cannabis story.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #55 – Elikqitie is a Utah Medical Cannabis Patient

We welcome Elikquite to discuss her story as a medical cannabis patient, and how it's helped with conditions from celiac disease to trauma.

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