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Calling all canna-seurs! Are you getting the most out of your favorite plant?  Cannabis has some exciting potential for your head AND your health. Tune in weekly to learn with Tim, Blake, and special guests from the cannabis world. 
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Tim Pickett 
& Blake Smith

Latest Episode

September 23, 2022

Latest Episode

August 18th, 2022

Historical records show people have been using cannabis as a medicine for thousands of years. But the reasons why cannabis works as a medicine are relatively recent discoveries. In this episode of Discover Marijuana, we'll introduce you to your very own endocannabinoid system.

Blake Draper | Uplift Testimonial

September 23rd

Blake Draper is a beneficiary of Utah Therapeutic Health Center's Uplift program, which subsidizes Medical Cannabis evaluations for qualifying patients in need. Listen to what Blake has to say about his quality of life after joining Uplift.

To join Uplift, or to make a donation, visit
All community donations are matched up to 600% by UTTHC and its partners.

At Utah Therapeutic Health Center (UTTHC), we believe no patient should be left suffering simply due to low income. That’s why we launched the Uplift program—to help provide access to those who can’t afford vital cannabis treatment on their own. So far, Uplift has subsidized Medical Cannabis evaluations for more than 280 people.

The ABCs of CBD and THC | Discover Marijuana

September 15th

It's time for a quick lesson on the two most well-known components in cannabis: CBD and THC.


Tim Pickett, PA-C is a Medical Cannabis expert and the founder of Utah Therapeutic Health Center. As a Qualified Medical Provider, Tim works directly with patients in need of Medical Marijuana recommendations and treatment plans. Salt Lake City Weekly readers voted Tim Utah’s Best Medical Cannabis Doctor (QMP) in its “2021 Best of Utah mind and body” edition.

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Season 4 Guest Hosts

We’re able to create cannamazing education series because of our incredible partners and viewers like you.
Kylee Shumway

Blake Smith

Blake Smith has a rich history in bioanalytical chemistry, academia, and pharmacokinetics. He is CEO and Chief Science Officer at Zion Medicinal and is regarded as the subject matter expert in the state. He works closely with universities and regulator agencies to innovate/compound cannabinoids for specific conditions. In his free time, you can find Blake educating others, conducting research, spending time with his family, and hosting Discover Marijuana with Tim.

Clifton Uckerman

Clinical Director at UTTHC, Clifton is a cannabis-affirming neuro-psychotherapist with multiple accolades for his work on trauma-focused & culturally integrative systems of care for patients with mental health & addiction challenges. Clifton works as the Latinx Professor in the College of Social Work at the University of Utah.
JD Lauritzen

Kylee Shumway

Kylee Shumway is the pharmacist at WholesomeCo Cannabis. Kylee has a Doctorate of Pharmacy from Roseman University of Health Sciences with more than six years of clinical experience specializing in compounding pharmaceuticals and bio-identical hormone replacement therapy. She now specializes in Medical Cannabis at WholesomeCo, where she spends her days leading educational efforts in the community and with Utah patients.
JD Lauritzen

JD Lauritzen

JD Lauritzen is the Head of Legal, Compliance & Gov. Affairs for WholesomeCo, Inc. Before he became The Leafy Lawyer, JD worked in private practice for Christensen & Jensen, P.C., where he focused on, among other things, servicing Utah’s burgeoning cannabis industry & its patients. JD graduated with distinction from the University of Nebraska College of Law & is co-founder & co-chair of Utah’s cannabis law section of the Utah State Bar.

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Meet Our Host

Tim Pickett

Tim Pickett, PA-C

Tim Pickett, PA-C is a qualified medical provider in Utah, founder of and Utah Therapeutic Health Center, an active member of the Society of Cannabis Clinicians, and City Weekly’s #1 QMP of 2021 and 2022. He enjoys educating patients and providers through his podcast, Utah in the Weeds, and video series, Discover Marijuana, and writing about Medical Cannabis in order to destigmatize the plant and encourage safe and effective use in Utah.

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