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Utah in the Weeds Episode #90 – The Hurt Blocker

Episode 90 of Utah in the Weeds is for anyone interested in using cannabis for pain management. Listen to a presentation on this topic from Tim Pickett and his Discover Marijuana co-host, Blake Smith.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #89 – 2022 Legislative Update

In this 89th episode of Utah in the Weeds, Tim Pickett gives us an update on recent cannabis-related discussions on Utah's Capitol Hill.

Federal Decriminalization: Is It Possible to Please Everyone?

What does Federal Decriminalization mean for medical marijuana patients across the nation? Utah Marijuana shares its insights.

What the Changes to Card Renewal Rules Mean for You

If you haven't heard yet, a new rule regarding renewal of the Utah Medical Cannabis Card went quietl...

‘You Can’t OD on It!’ – Fact-checking ‘Dewey Cox’ Statements on Cannabis

Was Tim Meadows' character in "Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story" right about cannabis?

4 Things You Should Know About PGR Cannabis

How do Plant Growth Regulators or PGR affect your Medical Cannabis Treatment? Utah marijuana shares their key insights about PGR.

Canna-Therapy: A New Frontier in PTSD Treatment

Clif Uckerman, LCSW shows how to maximize PTSD treatment with Medical Cannabis.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #88 – Daniel Jones, War Veteran and Medical Cannabis Patient

War veteran Daniel Jones says Medical Cannabis has helped him retake control of his life.

Why Choosing a Cannabis Strain Isn’t an Exact Science

Choosing a Cannabis Strain can differ from patient to patient. Utah Marijuana shares how different cannabis strains can affect you.

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