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Why It’s Best for New Patients to Start Slowly

Are you a new Medical Cannabis patient? Utah Marijuana shares why its important for new Medical Cannabis patients to start slowly.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #93 – Donna Froncillo is a Medical Cannabis Patient

Episode 93 of Utah in the Weeds features Donna Froncillo, who uses Medical Cannabis to treat her cystic fibrosis.

The Basics of Cannabis Tolerance

Medical Cannabis tolerance is normal, but not ideal for patients. Learn about cannabis tolerance and how to manage your tolerance.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #92 – Rich Oborn, Medical Cannabis Program Manager

Episode 92 of Utah in the Weeds features Rich Oborn, the director of Utah's Center for Medical Cannabis.

5 Reasons to Talk About Side Effects with Your Provider

Medical Cannabis has side effects, and each patient's is different. Learn why discussing your side effects with your provider is important.

The Cannabis Shakes: Legit but Not Dangerous

Have you ever experienced Cannabis Shakes? Utah Marijuana shares what causes Cannabis Shakes and what you can do to avoid them.

Utah in the Weeds Episode #91 – Collin Mekan, Patient Experience at UTTHC

Episode 91 of Utah in the Weeds features Collin Mekan, a beloved patient experience agent at Utah Therapeutic Health Center.

Our Guide to Dosing for New Medical Cannabis Patients

Utah Marijuana presents their New Medical Cannabis Patients dosing guides. Learn how you should approach cannabis as a new patient.

Cannabis Consumption 101: A Racing Heart Is Normal

Do you experience a racing heart after consuming cannabis? Utah Marijuana shares why this side affect happens and why its normal.

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