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Why Landrace Cannabis Strains Are So Rare

Nearly every plant species in the world has its landrace varieties. Many animal species do as well. ...

Study Suggests that CBD Can Reduce a THC High

CBD oils, vapes, and other products can be legally bought and sold without any special license or pe...

Strains, Varieties, and Cultivars: What’s the Difference?

Chances are you have heard your fellow Medical Cannabis users talk about cannabis strains. Perhaps y...

Cannabis Before Exercise: Is It a Good Idea?

If your 2022 resolution is to exercise more, be healthier, or feel better, see what a little cannabis before working out can do for you

What a 1970s Cannabis Study Can Teach Us Today

It is fair to say that the amount of scientific study relating to cannabis safety and efficacy pales...

What Forms of ID Can I Use to Get My Medical Cannabis Card

Utah Marijuana works to educate patients about Medical Cannabis and help them obtain their Medical C...

Can Medical Cannabis Be Used for Non-Qualifying Conditions?

Utah is similar to most other states with Medical Marijuana programs in that we maintain a list of q...

Cannabis & Mental Health

Read through some success stories shared on Utah in the Weeds podcast about cannabis & mental health conditions.

Utah Offers 5 Types of Medical Cannabis Cards

Utah offers 5 different types of Medical Cannabis Cards. Do you know which one you need?LEarn which Medical Marijana Card you need.

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