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Cannabis & Mental Health

Read through some success stories shared on Utah in the Weeds podcast about cannabis & mental health conditions.

Utah Offers 5 Types of Medical Cannabis Cards

Utah offers 5 different types of Medical Cannabis Cards. Do you know which one you need?LEarn which Medical Marijana Card you need.

How Dosage and Delivery Instructions Work in Utah

Dosage and Delivery for Medical Marijuana are a bit different tan normal prescriptions. Learn how Medical Marijuana dosage and delivery work.

Cannabis Layering: What Is It and Is It Right for Me?

Cannabis Layering can mean different things to patients and growers. Learn about both types of cannabis layering and how it affects you.

Traveling as a Patient with a Medical Cannabis Card

Traveling as patient with a Medical Cannabis Card can be tricky. Familiarize yourself with the laws across the country to stay safe.

The History of 4/20

Why do we celebrate Kush Christmas on 4/20 anyway? How did the tradition start? Here are some popular theories.

Cannabis, Marijuana, and Hemp: Why Confusion Abounds

It's not uncommon for Medical Cannabis patients to use terms like 'cannabis', 'marijuana', and 'hemp...

Medical Marijuana for Mental Health | Q&A with Tim & Blake

Did you catch our live Q&A session on April 1st? If you didn't, it's okay. We won't hold it agai...

Should Any Medical Provider Be Able to Prescribe Medical Cannabis?

Should any doctor be able to write your prescription? Utah Marijuana discusses what you need to know about Qualified Medical Providers.

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